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Where To Sell Electric Scooter: Unlock Profit

Looking to sell your electric scooter but unsure where to sell electric scooter? Look no further! This article will provide you with valuable insights on where to sell your electric scooter and maximize your chances of a successful sale. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy transaction or hoping to fetch a higher price, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get started and find the perfect platform to help you sell your electric scooter hassle-free.

Online Marketplaces


One of the most popular online marketplaces, Amazon offers a vast range of products, including electric scooters. Selling your electric scooter on Amazon gives you access to a wide customer base and a trusted platform. You can create a seller account, list your scooter, and set your desired price. Amazon also offers fulfillment services, allowing you to store your scooter in their warehouses and have them handle shipping, customer service, and returns. This can be a convenient option for those looking for a hands-off selling experience.


eBay is another well-known online marketplace where you can sell your electric scooter. With eBay, you have the option to either start an auction-style listing or set a fixed price. You can add detailed descriptions, upload photos, and even specify shipping options. The process is straightforward, and eBay provides tools to help you create an attractive listing. Keep in mind that eBay charges fees for listings and final sales, so factor this into your pricing strategy.


Craigslist is a free classified advertisements website that operates locally. You can create a listing for your electric scooter in your specific city or region. Craigslist allows you to include photos, a description, and contact information. Potential buyers can then contact you directly through email or phone. While Craigslist offers a more localized approach, it’s essential to exercise caution and meet potential buyers in a safe, public location.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a platform integrated into the Facebook app, allowing users to buy and sell items locally. It’s a convenient option for reaching a local audience. You can create a listing with photos, descriptions, and pricing information. Interested buyers can message you directly through Facebook Messenger to discuss further details. With Facebook Marketplace, you can also join relevant community groups where people often express interest in buying and selling electric scooters.


While primarily known for handmade crafts and vintage items, Etsy also accommodates the sale of electric scooters. If you have a custom or unique scooter, Etsy may be an excellent platform to showcase and sell it. Etsy provides tools to create visually appealing listings and allows you to reach a niche market of buyers who appreciate artisanal products. Keep in mind that Etsy charges fees for listings and sales, so consider this when determining your pricing.

Specialized Electric Scooter Platforms


Swappa is a specialized platform for buying and selling electronic devices, including electric scooters. It provides a safe and secure environment for transactions, with strict verification processes to ensure sellers and buyers are legitimate. You can list your electric scooter on Swappa, providing detailed information about its condition, specifications, and any included accessories. Swappa offers dedicated categories for electric scooters, making it easy for potential buyers specifically looking for this type of transportation.

Scoot Network

Scoot Network is a platform designed specifically for electric scooters. It connects sellers and buyers within the electric scooter community, offering a targeted audience for your listing. This platform allows you to create a profile, list your scooter for sale, and communicate directly with potential buyers through their messaging system. Scoot Network also provides a comprehensive search feature, allowing buyers to filter results based on their specific requirements.

e-Ride Trader

e-Ride Trader is another specialized platform for selling electric scooters. It caters to a global audience, offering listings from sellers all around the world. By creating an account on e-Ride Trader, you can showcase your electric scooter to a diverse range of potential buyers. This platform provides features such as detailed specifications, photos with zoom capabilities, and the ability to negotiate prices directly with buyers.

Where To Sell Electric Scooter?

Classified Ad Websites


Gumtree is a classified ad website that operates in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa. It allows you to create a listing for your electric scooter, adding descriptions, photos, and contact details. Gumtree offers both free and paid options for listings, with paid ads receiving more prominent exposure. This platform is particularly popular for local sales, making it ideal if you want to target buyers in your specific region.


Similar to Gumtree, OLX is a classified ad website that operates in multiple countries, including India, Brazil, and several Southeast Asian nations. With OLX, you can create an ad for your electric scooter, providing information about its condition, price, and contact details. OLX offers a user-friendly interface, allowing potential buyers to browse listings based on their location or specific preferences.


Kijiji is a classified ad website widely used in Canada. It provides a platform for selling various items, including electric scooters. Creating a listing on Kijiji is straightforward, and you can add detailed descriptions, photos, and contact information. Users can browse listings based on their location, making it easier to connect with potential buyers within your area.

Local Scooter Shops

Local scooter shops are an excellent option for selling your electric scooter, especially if they specialize in electric mobility devices. These shops typically have a customer base interested in purchasing electric scooters and can offer a more personalized selling experience. Visit local scooter shops in your area and inquire about their policies for selling pre-owned scooters. They may be able to help you assess the value of your scooter and potentially offer a trade-in or consignment option.

Where To Sell Electric Scooter?

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are another option for selling your electric scooter, especially if you’re looking for a quick sale. While pawn shops typically deal with a variety of items, they may be interested in purchasing electric scooters in good condition. Keep in mind that pawn shops may offer lower prices compared to selling directly to an individual buyer. However, if you need immediate cash and are willing to accept a lower price, a pawn shop can be a viable option.

Specialty Stores

Electronics Stores

Some electronics stores, particularly those specializing in personal transportation devices, may be interested in purchasing pre-owned electric scooters. These stores often have dedicated sections for electric scooters, and they may be willing to buy your scooter if it meets their criteria. Visit local electronics stores in your area and inquire about their policies for selling used scooters. They may offer store credit, trade-ins, or outright purchases.

Bike Shops

Bike shops that cater to electric bikes and other forms of personal mobility often have customers interested in electric scooters. These shops may be willing to buy or offer consignment options for your scooter. Visit local bike shops and speak to the staff about selling your electric scooter. They may also be able to provide guidance on pricing and any necessary repairs or maintenance that could optimize your scooter’s selling potential.

Outdoor Recreation Stores

Stores specializing in outdoor recreation and sports equipment may also be interested in purchasing electric scooters. These stores often have customers looking for alternative forms of transportation and leisure activities. Visit local outdoor recreation stores and inquire about their interest in buying used electric scooters. They may offer a competitive price for your scooter and provide exposure to a targeted customer base.

Where To Sell Electric Scooter?

Social Media Platforms

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups dedicated to buying and selling items can be a valuable resource for selling your electric scooter. Join local buy-and-sell groups or groups specifically focused on electric scooters in your area. Post detailed listings with photos, pricing, and contact information. Make sure to comply with the group’s rules and regulations regarding selling items. Engage with potential buyers by promptly responding to inquiries and arranging meetups in safe locations.


Instagram is a visually-driven platform that can be utilized to showcase your electric scooter and attract potential buyers. Create an appealing and informative post with multiple photos, a detailed description, and relevant hashtags. Use popular hashtags related to electric scooters to increase visibility among people interested in this form of transportation. Engage with your followers and respond promptly to direct messages from potential buyers.


While primarily known for brief updates and news sharing, Twitter can also be a platform for selling your electric scooter. Craft a concise and compelling tweet describing your scooter’s key features, condition, and asking price. Use relevant hashtags to increase visibility and retweet or respond to inquiries from interested buyers. Twitter’s rapid-fire nature allows for quick engagement and potential outreach to a wide audience.

Garage Sales

If you’re open to selling various items and want to attract local buyers, consider hosting a garage sale. Advertise your garage sale in local classifieds, community bulletin boards, and online platforms. Include your electric scooter in the list of items available for purchase. Attract potential buyers by offering competitive prices, highlighting your scooter’s features, and providing a welcoming atmosphere for browsing. Remember to check local regulations regarding garage sales and obtain any necessary permits.

Where To Sell Electric Scooter?

Word of Mouth

Sometimes, the most effective way to sell your electric scooter is through word of mouth. Inform your friends, family members, co-workers, and acquaintances about your intention to sell. They might know someone who is in the market for an electric scooter or be interested themselves. You can also ask them to spread the word within their networks. Personal recommendations can carry significant weight and potentially lead to a successful sale.

Local Online Forums

Local online forums specific to your city or region can be a valuable platform for selling your electric scooter. Look for forums or message boards that cater to residents interested in personal transportation, electric vehicles, or eco-friendly alternatives. Post a detailed listing with photos and contact information. Engage with forum members by answering questions and providing additional information about your scooter. Maintain a friendly and informative presence to attract potential buyers.

By exploring these various avenues for selling your electric scooter, you can increase your chances of finding a buyer who appreciates and values your vehicle. Consider the unique features and target audience of each platform mentioned, and tailor your listing and communication strategy accordingly. Whether you choose an online marketplace, specialized platform, local shop, or utilize social media, presenting your electric scooter accurately and engaging potential buyers can ultimately lead to a successful sale.

Where To Sell Electric Scooter?

Conclusion (Where To Sell Electric Scooter?)

In conclusion, selling an electric scooter can be a practical and environmentally responsible choice. Whether you’re upgrading to a new model, no longer need your scooter, or simply want to pass it on to someone else, knowing where to sell your electric scooter is essential.

Marketplaces, both online and offline, offer numerous options for selling your scooter, allowing you to recoup some of your investment and contribute to the sustainable mobility ecosystem. It’s crucial to research the selling platforms, follow safety guidelines, and accurately represent your scooter’s condition to ensure a successful and ethical sale.

By making an informed decision about where to sell your electric scooter, you can not only benefit financially but also play a part in promoting eco-friendly transportation and the continued growth of the electric scooter community.

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